• Upcoming Courses

    I’m due to be leading two Summer School courses for Nottingham Trent University very soon.

    ‘Start Writing Your Novel’ will run from 10am till 4pm, 31st July – 2nd August and ‘Short Story Success’ will be happening the following week,  7-8th August.  Both will take place at NTU’s City Campus.  For more information please visit http://onlinestore.ntu.ac.uk/short-courses/creative-short-courses/creative-writing

    And I’m very pleased that Writing East Midlands have booked me in for more short story adventures beginning in September.  Check out http://www.writingschooleastmidlands.co.uk/shop/ for more details…

  • The Bath Short Story Award 2017

    Celebrating the news that another of my recent short stories has made it onto the longlist of this year’s Bath Short Story Award!  I’m feeling incredibly grateful and excited!

  • Waiting for the Rat

    Am overjoyed and overwhelmed to have been chosen as one of TSS Publishing’s Selected Writers 2017-2018 for my short story, ‘Waiting for the Rat’.  It’s a truly awesome list to be a part of.

    ‘Waiting for the Rat’ will be released as a beautiful, limited edition chapbook in March 2018.

    Thank you tons, www.theshortstory.co.uk

  • Writing Your Novel, Term Three

    Revising and Submitting, the third term of my Novel Writing course for Writing East Midlands is due to begin on Saturday 6th May at Nottingham’s Waterstone’s.  Over the coming weeks we will  look at honing your manuscript in preparation for approaching agents and publishers.

    For more information please visit Writing School East Midands

  • Thank you, Hic Dragones…

    For a wonderful launch event last Friday, which along with some incredible live readings from Nancy Schumann, Magda Knight, Hannah Kent, Martin Cornwall and Jane Bradley, also  featured Ramsey Campbell’s wise and wonderful disembodied head on-screen!

    And thank you too for the amazing trailer

    And huge thanks, most of all, for the book, itself (AVAILABLE NOW) – every story I’ve read is stunning.  It’s a true privilege to have my ‘In the Dirt, Under the Trees’ included.

  • Launching Into the Woods

    Come and help celebrate Into the Woods, a new collection of short stories from Hic Dragones.

    Into the Woods – eighteen sinister sylvan tales

    A magical place steeped in mysticism. A foreboding place of unspeakable terror. The forest is a place of secrets, a place of knowledge, a place of death, and a place of life. What resides within its shadows? Demons, fair folk, that man the adults warned you about… and the trees. The trees are everywhere. Is it safer to stay at home? Or are you ready to take a journey… into the woods.

    “They were only trees, after all. Only trees.”

    Join us at the launch party on Friday 17th March. Readings by: Ramsey Campbell, Tracy Fahey, Jane Bradley, Magda Knight, Martin Cornwell, Hannah Kate, Megan Taylor and Nancy Schumann

    Friday, 17th March 2017 from 19:00 to 21:00
    International Anthony Burgess Foundation
    3 Cambridge Street
    United Kingdom


    Register your interest with Eventbrite or on Facebook

  • Fosseway Writers

    I had a great evening visiting Fosseway Writers last week, where we chatted short stories, submissions and I provided a slightly beastly workshop…

    Nick Rowe, from the group has blogged about it here.

    Thank you Nick, and all at Fosseway Writers for making me so welcome.  I look forward to reading more from you soon 🙂

  • Workshop Your Novel

    It’s less than a fortnight until the second term of my Novel Writing course for Writing East Midlands is due to start at Nottingham’s Waterstones…

    Whether you’re a new writer wondering where to begin or an experienced author seeking fresh inspiration, this playful, practical and supportive course aims to offer help and advice on writing, revising and submitting your novel.

    Term Two, Writing and Workshopping, will focus on feedback, and will help you to begin to smooth your novel into shape.

    Saturdays, 1 – 3pm,  28 Jan to 25 Feb 2017

    Please visit Writing School East Midlands if you’d like to come along.

  • Happy New Year!!

    It is New Year’s Eve and, at last, Nicola is free. Just as she was hoping she would be.

    “We’re free!” she shouts, running through the night, through the cold, damp streets with Christine, laughing and laughing, while the stars wheel and glitter in the big, black sky. They’re like sequins on a velvet prom dress, those stars, so pretty. Gazing up, Nicola feels her heart lifting, her body stretching and tingling as if she’s taking off, about to fly. She’s no longer simply running over the dark, glistening cobblestones, but leaping and soaring. She couldn’t stop laughing if she wanted to, and she’s sure that Christine feels the same. Christine’s eyes aren’t green out here, but black and glinting, and her teeth flash U-V white as she throws back her head, revealing a pale perfect triangle of jaw and her long, creamy throat. Her blond hair pours away behind her in a wintry stream. She’s beautiful, scattering bright, icy trail-backs into the night. Into this magical, fizzing, promising night, that’s filled with light . . .

    The street lamps all have shimmering gold haloes and many of the tall, grey houses have Christmas trees, lit Christmas trees, in their big bay windows. They’re twinkling red and green and purple and blue, and the air, Nicola thinks, it’s so pure, though it still smells like smoky bacon!

    She laughs then, even harder, loving the sudden hot lines of tears that come slipping and sliding and sparkling down her face. She’s glowing; she knows it. There are little lights, little whirling stars, inside her. It was Christine who put them there, Christine who gave them to her when she handed her that pill.

    “Christine! Happy New Year!”

    The Dawning, cover.

    Extract from ‘The Dawning’ by Megan Taylor (Weathervane Press, 2010)

  • Final Flight

    Nottingham Writers’ Studio ‘s Christmas Social celebrates the launch of their journal, ‘Final Flight’, featuring great writing from across the region (and which also includes a reprinted story of mine, ‘The Insect Room’) on Friday, December 9th.

    Come along to the Studio to raise a festive glass from 7pm.finalflightposter-190x270