Into the Woods

edited by Hannah Kent (Hic Dragones, 2017)

“They were only trees, after all. Only trees.”

A magical place steeped in mysticism. A foreboding place of unspeakable terror. The forest is a place of secrets, a place of knowledge, a place of death, and a place of life. What resides within its shadows? Demons, fair folk, that man the adults warned you about… and the trees. The trees are everywhere. Is it safer to stay at home? Or are you ready to take a journey… into the woods.  Eighteen sinister sylvan tales.

Includes Megan Taylor’s story, In the Dirt, Under the Trees




(Laundrette Books, 2016)

Fallen Kings, unlikely Messiahs and outright devils are your guides on this chilling safari through the dark heart of the human soul.
Monster is a fabulous collection of short stories, prose, poetry and script. It is arresting, alluring and challenging.
Monster will keep you up half the night to finish it, and afraid to sleep for the rest.

Includes Megan Taylor’s story, Fever



These Seven

edited by Ross Bradshaw (Five Leaves Publications, 2015)

7cover_THESE SEVEN Nottingham writers cover a lot of ground. Shreya Sen Handley’s Indian family discovers something going on at the bottom of their garden, John Harvey visits his traditional world of crime with a story more domestic than usual, Alison Moore realises that a weekend away is not always idyllic, Paula Rawsthorne finds that being a child of a refugee brings its own problems and Megan Taylor spends time in the Market Square waiting on someone whose arrival might change her life. Meantime graphic novelist Brick imagines a Nottingham version of Simeon the Stylite, who lived on top of a pillar for 37 years, and Alan Sillitoe is back on the streets of Nottingham, where this all began. Have you read THESE SEVEN Nottingham writers? There’s more to read from all of them, and there are more Nottingham writers out there. Many more. Get reading!

Includes Megan Taylor’s short story, Here We Are Again.

Willesden Herald New Short Stories 8

edited by Stephen Moran (Pretend Genius Press, 2014)

41lsnb9i7ol-_sx310_bo1204203200_Sensual and atmospheric, embattled and defiant, in the throes of turbulent events and viewing from a distance, these stories are windows that open onto the men, women and children of our twenty-first century world. The people portrayed do not seek our pity nor our love but with each turn of a page, we may feel that we want to reach out to them to say, I know, I know, I know – you are not alone.

Includes Megan Taylor’s short story, Rash.

Weird Love

edited by David Chadwick & Nicola Harlow (Pandril Press, 2013)

Weird Love coverWeird Love is a collection of short stories exploring the ambiguities and nuances of love in its most diverse, startling and destructive guises. This fresh anthology from published and new writers brings together lyrical, compelling and sometimes comic voices to tell tales of corrosive self-adoration, nuclear family fallout, forlorn desire, derelict affairs, and the quest for true(ish) love.

Includes Megan Taylor’s short story, The Woman Under the Ground.