I was in the fabulous Broadway cinema’s cafe last week, leafing through the latest issue of Nottingham’s culture bible, LeftLion (as you do when waiting for your friend to reappear from the bar with wine AND cake) when – lo and behold – I found a new review of The Dawning!

Although LeftLion were kind enough to feature the novel previously on a podcast, I didn’t expect to come across the review and I was deeply chuffed. LeftLion is amazing – funny and insightful and truly unique.

And while The Dawning perhaps proved a little ‘ominous’ for reviewer Robin Lewis with its ‘general air of creeping disaster’, apparently ‘Taylor has crafted an involving picture of a family in a tailspin’

(well done Taylor!)

If you’re not lucky enough to live in Nottingham, I believe you can download the complete, free magazine from their website. Not only do Leftlion provide reviews, great comment, brilliant interviews and top listings, they also publish quite possibly the best star-signs in the Universe.

(ie; ‘Capricorn – If you want to keep a cool house this summer then buy a beagle and train it to smoke. Surveys have suggested that a smoking beagle is the coolest house pet you can possibly have, ranking above a juggling monkey and a cat in a jumpsuit. Do not put the beagle in a jumpsuit.’)