Summer Reading

On holiday, and around the edges, some of the books I’ve (splashed with Sangria and gritted with black sand) loved lately –

Forgetting Zoe by Ray Robinson – completely stunning, beautiful and brutal, this utterly blew me away

Train by Pete Dexter – further intriguing and complex Americana, not quite as good as his glorious and devastating Paris Trout, but almost

Like Bees to Honey by the lovely Caroline Smailes – everything I was hoping for, and more. Loss, redemption and Jesus at the bar. Take it away with you, or curl up at home. You’ll love it however

Bury Me Deep – more sheer Megan Abbot goodness, this time noir in elegant thirties shades

Not So Perfect – Mr Perring provides some surreal and superb snapshots of the way we are or might be in these perfectly proportioned short short stories

A Fair Maiden – another twisted fable from the indomitable Ms Oates, Joyce Carol I will love you forever