While things around these parts have been a bit upside-down or inside-out or generally the wrong-way-round lately, there’s nonetheless been some great writing stuff happening, and more to look forward to.

At the end of the summer, I returned to this fab review (thank you Pam Mc at guide2nottingham for allowing me to tug your ’emotions through a wringer’ (-:), and I also met a brilliant North London bookgroup who had chosen The Dawning as an August read. It was such an interesting and enjoyable evening.

It was a proper dark-and-stormy night. The conservatory roof was ink-black and shuddering with rain and as we ate and drank and chatted beneath it, it struck me all over again how a novel stops belonging to an author once it slips off into the world – how it slides and shifts, becoming so many different stories. Stories as diverse and unique as their individual readers.
I loved having that reminder; it’s such a frightening and wonderful thing. And I was also blown away by how the novel’s characters felt as real as the brilliant people discussing them.


Coming up!

Alongside my lovely publisher and fellow Weathervane Press authors, I’ll be chatting books (again!) at Nottingham Writers Club on October 6th, as part of the Weathervane Vocal Books Tour.

Towards the end of the month, I’m looking forward to learning more at Jon McGregor’s editing workshop at Nottingham Contemporary.

And I’m really ridiculously excited about running away all over again too. Especially about staying in a Cube.