East Midlands Book Award

Oooh, look.

The East Midlands Book Award 2010 nominations have been announced!

Scroll down the titles and what’s that…

Surely, it couldn’t be The Dawning?!?!?


How amazing is that!?!

Not that I’ve got a hope in hell of coming anywhere remotely close to the shortlist, but how exciting-wonderful just to see it there, amidst all those brilliant writers, those excellent works.

There’s so much there that I’ve been wanting to read, along with several books that I’ve raved about already this year – Jon McGregor’s haunting, revelatory Even the Dogs, Maria Allen’s evocative historical emotional suspense, Before the Earthquake, Nigel Pickard’s humorous, compassionate and unflinching novel of life and education, Attention Deficit

I feel incredibly lucky for The Dawning to be slotted in between such stunning stories, such groundbreaking authors. And very, very fortunate to live in a region that produces, and now celebrates, such diverse, exciting writing.

Thank you EMBA. Thank you Weathervane.