Workshops and Wonders

Firstly, I’m looking forward to running a workshop about Openings and Images with Lee Rosy’s fabulous writing group in Nottingham next Wednesday. We’ll be playing with hooks and pictures – in particular, I might be hijacking (/honouring) some stunning Gregg Crewdson prints for inspiration. Shiveringly brilliant images such as this…

If you would like to find out more about Writing at Rosy’s, please investigate here –

And also!

Wondrous things reeling along with my Ghosts. There’s a press release. There’s a Facebook page (possibly!). There’s pre-ordering available (already!) on Amazon and at the Weathervane Press bookstore. There’s me going woah! But mainly going wow!!

(and it seems there might be a general over-enthusiasm about !exclamation! marks!! too)

Thank you tons for all the support already. You’re great, you are.