Good (ghosts) things

So, in the run up to the launch, plenty of great stuff happening to be extremely grateful for…

First Amazon review!! (because, you know, already released on Kindle folks)

Scarily honest Scottish Gothic rural myth, 28 Mar 2012

This review is from: The Lives of Ghosts (Paperback)

Human forms loom out of the mist in Megan Taylor’s evocative tale of loss and its dreamy nightmare consequences. Imagine a gloomy lochside house, a grinding car and a rattling train combined with imagery as sharp as a fisherman’s fly and as earthy as the mud on his boots. The impossible distance between child and adult provides difficult reading for parents but stay with it and the percentage left on the eReader dwindles like the fuel gauge on a sports car.The Lives of Ghosts Megan’s acrobatic trapeze act of multiple metaphor is infectious and brings about an unlucky sequence of events to blowtorch the reader’s tongue and twist something deep inside the heart. Characters stumble about wildly out of control. Thank goodness real life isn’t like this. It is? Help me someone

🙂 haha! How fab is that? I am acrobatic! I am a blowtorch! Who knew?
Thank you so very very much
& 5 stars (which always makes me think about a certain ancient school disco, but less said about that the better)

And a wee mention of my Ghosts in the Guardian (!) for a piece about magnificent MMU


And in addition to the NWS launch, a reading alongside the frighteningly talented Alison Moore at Nottingham University – more on that to come…

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