7 Lines

The remarkable Ray Robinson has tagged me in the 777 Challenge – to post 7 lines from page 7 of my current work-in-progress, and then to pass on this mission to 7 more writers.  Despite a second of panic (I am at such an early hiding stage with novel 4), how could I refuse?


Through the windscreen, above the highest Leylandii fronds and satellite dishes, playful patches of blue and festive gold have broken through the cloud-cast.   Despite the morning’s earlier chill, it is likely to end up a beautiful day.

“I don’t want to do this,” Nell says.  “I don’t want to go.”

She is sitting in the front passenger seat of the parked Rover, where she always sits, and in the rear of the car, where they always sit, made taller and brought a little closer by their booster thrones, Nell’s daughters are quiet.  Beyond them, there is the boot of course, and in the boot, the box.  Not an urn, but a box.

Well, there we go – seems to have emerged as 8 lines on here, but nevermind… And who next?
Andrew Kells

Angela Barton

Anne Brooke
Andy Miller
Arthur Piper

Giselle Leeb

Pippa Hennessy

I’m looking at you x