Nottingham Writers’ Studio

ghosts launchI can’t honestly begin to tell you how grateful I am for Nottingham Writers’ Studio.

Nevertheless, here’s my bumbling attempt 🙂

I joined the Studio in 2007, when it lurked in wonky rooms above a curry house in Hockley.  I was newly published and a bag of insecurities.  As amazing as it was even then, I remember hiding from the ‘real’ authors in the little kitchen there, trying to be in some way useful, in a frenzy of washing up…

How different things are now, both in terms of NWS and with my own writing.

Nottingham Writers’ Studio have grown and grown and will be celebrating the launch of their stunning new premises at 25 Hockley, NG1 1FP from 6pm, this Friday, 16th May – everybody’s welcome!

Despite my self-inflicted washing-up-skulking, NWS made me feel incredibly welcome right from the start – and they’ve done so much more than that too…

At their diverse, fascinating and often funny monthly Socials, I’ve met many talented and interesting people and made some true friends.  The fiction group that I joined through NWS has provided invaluable advice, feedback and support – a massive sense of support, all the general warmth and generosity I’ve received through NWS for years, has continually buoyed me up and kept me going.

I’m now the author of three published novels, with another exciting project in the pipeline.  The brilliant backing of Nottingham Writers’ Studio has been very much a part of this.

I met my fabulous current publisher through NWS (first signing a contract in a corner at a ‘Word of Mouth’!) and NWS hosted unforgettable launches for ‘The Dawning’ and ‘The Lives of Ghosts’.  Aside from NWS championing my own writing, they’ve also provided a range of other excellent opportunities –  there have been numerous great readings and workshops.  NWS is also the place where I fell in love (although this can’t be guaranteed for every member  🙂 )

So thank you, thank you, thank you, Nottingham Writers’ Studio

And sometimes, I do still do the washing up.