Short Story Collection! Coming Soon!!

Not exactly a surprise, I’m sure, since I’ve been dropping lines way heavier than hints for more than a while, but I’m overjoyed to announce that my first collection The Woman Under the Ground and Other Stories is due for release from the wondrous Weathervane Press this September!

Despite my excited early blabbering, I still can’t quite believe it’s really happening.

And that the book is to include artwork by the supremely talented Nikki Pinder.  She created the gorgeous cover to my first published novel, How We Were Lost (Flame Books, 2007)how we were lost cover and it’s incredible to see how she’s currently playing with images to accompany my short stories.  Please check out her site to observe her work in progress, and to admire all her other stunning artwork too…

More soon on launch dates and events and loving it all –

I’m one very lucky bunny.