Charles Lambert, TVFH & Some Enormous Thank Yous

This week my interview with the wonderful Charles Lambert appeared on The View from Here.

I met Charles earlier this year when he was judging the Willesden Herald Short Story Competition 2014 and after being blown away by With a Zero at its Heart, I got in touch to find out more.  He responded with amazing generosity (as you can see)

Which got me thinking about generosity and writing…

I am so, SO pleased that this interview has been published by The View from Here – and just before it says goodbye.

Way back, I was incredibly fortunate to be interviewed for the magazine by (the also lovely and talented) Shanta Everington, following the publication of my second novel, The Dawning.  I can’t quite remember how I ended up joining their book reviewers, but somehow I did – and I’m very glad that was the case.  I read some fascinating novels and stretched myself by tackling my own writing in a non-fiction way, but it certainly wasn’t just that – for years, The View from Here has provided a unique showcase for brilliant writers and writing (just look at their archive!) and it felt great to be a part of that.

So thank you too to editor, Mike French, for all you’ve done and continue to do.  Mike is a prolific author and I wish him all the absolute best with his further writing adventures.

Ag! Gushing – apologies!

Nevertheless, and especially in the run-up to the next book launch, I’m feeling massively grateful for all the writing support out there, from brilliant readers and advisors (thank you, especially, my NWS fiction group) to amazing publishers and booksellers, to fabulous tutors and bloggers and friends, and to everyone else who keeps on helping in myriad ways, all the bloody time (you know, or I hope you know, exactly who you are) x

Acknowledgements in the back of a book are never enough.

And of course, you don’t have to be lovely to be a writer, but you know what?  A lot of them are.