‘a little twisted, a little macabre…’

Delighted with a new review for my short story collection The Woman Under the Ground from Our Book Reviews Online! ┬áHere’s just some of what they said –

I loved the style of writing, the building of atmosphere, the way it lured me in, often with a false sense of security, and then dropped a bombshell on me!
The over-all tone of this collection is decidedly dark – so don’t come looking for sweetness and light, and happy endings; these are a little twisted, a little macabre, and frequently disturbing. While some of the stories explore the darker, hidden side of human nature – children turn out to be far from the darling little angels we fondly imagine, adults are enveloped by loss, regret and guilt – others tell of things ‘beyond’ nature – strange things that shriek in the night or squat unwelcome at the end of the bed, and wishes that might come fatally true.

Through all of them runs a thread of finding one’s identity, and of coming to terms with repressed emotions – maybe The Woman Under The Ground represents those buried parts of ourselves that we wouldn’t wish to share with even our nearest and dearest?

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Thank you, Mary Mayfield!