Waiting for ‘We Wait’

Not long now!!

My excitement about my forthcoming novel, We Wait, which was already slightly out of control, has recently reached a new fever pitch. The final proofs have been returned to Eyrie Press, Nick Denton’s beautiful cover has been revealed, and amazing authors, Anstey Harris and Kerry Hadley-Pryce, have kindly provided incredible endorsements.

We Wait is due for release on November 18th and is available, right now, for pre-order from Eyrie Press. We’ll be celebrating the launch at Nottingham’s fabulous Five Leaves on November 21st. Please contact Five Leaves if you’d like to come along 🙂

About ‘We Wait’…

The wealthy Crawleys can’t abide a scandal, so when fifteen-year-old Maddie’s behaviour causes concern, she’s packed off to the family’s country estate, along with her best friend, Ellie. But while Maddie is resentful, Ellie is secretly thrilled.  A whole summer at Greywater House, which she’s heard so much about – and with Maddie, who she adores…

But from the moment the girls arrive, it’s clear there’s more to the house and the family than Ellie could ever have imagined.  Maddie’s aunt, Natalie, and her bedridden grandmother are far from welcoming – and something has been waiting at Greywaters, something that flits among the shadows and whispers in the night.

As the July heat rises and the girls’ relationship intensifies, the house’s ghosts can’t be contained, and it isn’t just Ellie who has reason to be afraid.  Three generations of the Crawley family must face their secrets when past and present violently collide.

‘Hill House for the 21st century: haunting, dark, and very, very real. Chilling and very sinister, but still rippled with the confusion of being a teenager, of first love, and of making impulsive mistakes. A masterpiece.’Anstey Harris

‘As poetic as it is unsettling, We Wait is an absolute triumph. The beautifully vivid prose is reminiscent of Du Maurier – both haunting and chilling at the same time. An eerie, clever, spine-tingling novel. This is Megan Taylor at her most thrillingly dark.’Kerry Hadley-Pryce

We Wait, by Megan Taylor - cover

Through Death’s Door

Rather appropriately, Monnath Books will be publishing their short story anthology, Through Death’s Door, this Halloween.  I’m over the (full) moon that my short story, ‘Facing Lacey’, will be included (chuffed too that this story also gained me an honourable mention in The Third Corona Book of Horror Stories).It’s wonderful to be unleashing Lacey.

There will be an online launch on the night for Through Death’s Door. Sadly, I won’t be able to join the party as I’ll (happily) be away writing about more ghosts. But do please join the wonderful contributors and editors on Facebook.

Through Death’s Door is available for pre-order on Kindle, with the paperback released closer to the 31st. I hope that you enjoy!

This October…

I’m really happy that two of my older short stories will be getting another outing this month.

These Seven‘, an anthology originally published by Five Leaves in 2015 as part of Nottingham’s bid to become a City of Literature, will be featured at the launch of Nottingham’s First Tuesday Book Club, organised by the British Red Cross on October 8th at St Andrews with Castlegate United Reformed Church.

These Seven’ includes my story, ‘Here We Are Again’, and it’s great to have been invited along. Several of the other authors included in the anthology will also be attending, as well as Alex Fraser, the head of Refugee Support, and the Sheriff of Nottingham.

Meanwhile, Nottingham Trent University’s Creative Writing MA students are busy putting the finishing touches to their anthology, ‘And What Do They Call You?’ , a celebration of their hard work and talent. After visiting the class to provide a guest workshop, it was a privilege to be asked to submit a story, and I’m delighted that ‘School Run’, first published by Weathervane Press in The Woman Under the Ground and Other Stories will be included.

‘And What Do They Call You?’ will be launched on October 30th at Nottingham’s Antenna.

Also coming up…

Maintaining Your Novel’s Flow and Structure, 16th July, from 6.30pm

A two-hour workshop at Nottingham Writers’ Studio, in which I’ll be offering exercises and advice about attempting to maintain a sense of perspective while writing your novel, keeping in mind an overview, while also balancing quieter moments with tension.

And in August, I’ll be leading two creative writing courses for Nottingham Trent University’s Summer School. Start Writing your Novel will run over three days, 10am-4pm, from August 5th, and Short Story Success will take place over the next two days, from August 8th.

I’m very much looking forward to it all…

Fiction in Newark

I’ll be providing a Fiction Masterclass (!) – where I’ll be reading, talking about my writing and providing a workshop on Thursday 11th July, from 7pm, at Carriages Café in Newark.  All the evening’s proceeds will be going to the excellent local charity, Think Children

Update – what a warm and welcoming night it was! Thank you to the beautiful Carriages Café and to Weathervane Press and to all the great people who came along. Most of all, enormous thanks to Think Children, such an amazing and essential charity.


Having been immersed in novel-land lately – frantically writing the next one, plus growing increasingly excited about my fourth novel’s publication later this year – I’m incredibly happy to share some short story news.  My ‘Rash’ has been very kindly offered another outing (- that’s actually way better than it sounds).

‘Rash’ was originally published in Willesden Herald Volume 8, along with the competition’s other long-listed stories, and was later reprinted in my collection, ‘The Woman Under the Ground’, but right now you can read it here.

It’s That Time of the Year…

The Dawning, cover.To hope y’all had a happy and peaceful Yule, to wish you a wonderful 2019 – and to plug my novel, The Dawning 🙂

Published in 2010 by Weathervane Press, The Dawning is a domestic thriller, taking place over the course of a single New Year’s Eve Night, as each member of the Haywood family is forced to confront their fears…

If you like, you can read a (non-fear-filled) extract below –

It is New Year’s Eve and, at last, Nicola is free. Just as she was hoping she would be.

“We’re free!” she shouts, running through the night, through the cold, damp streets with Christine, laughing and laughing, while the stars wheel and glitter in the big, black sky. They’re like sequins on a velvet prom dress, those stars, so pretty. Gazing up, Nicola feels her heart lifting, her body stretching and tingling as if she’s taking off, about to fly. She’s no longer simply running over the dark, glistening cobblestones, but leaping and soaring. She couldn’t stop laughing if she wanted to, and she’s sure that Christine feels the same. Christine’s eyes aren’t green out here, but black and glinting, and her teeth flash U-V white as she throws back her head, revealing a pale perfect triangle of jaw and her long, creamy throat. Her blond hair pours away in a wintry stream. She’s beautiful, scattering bright, icy trail-backs into the night. Into this magical, fizzing, promising night, that’s filled with light…

The streetlamps all have shimmering gold halos and many of the tall, grey houses have Christmas trees, lit Christmas trees, in their big bay windows. They’re twinkling red and green and purple and blue, and the air, Nicola thinks, it’s so pure, though it still smells like smoky bacon!

She laughs then, even harder, loving the sudden hot lines of tears that come slipping and sliding and sparkling down her face. She’s glowing; she knows it. There are little lights, little whirling stars, inside her. It was Christine who put them there, Christine who gave them to her when she handed her that pill.

“Christine! Happy New Year!”