We Wait returns!

I’ve managed to rescue my girls and ghosts! After Eyrie Press closed at the end of May, I wasn’t ready to give them up. For the first time in my life, I considered self-publishing, and with the support and encouragement of some very great people, I’ve gone for it.

We Wait is back in the world on Kindle. I’d wanted to release it during Pride month, and though I didn’t manage that, it was close (and, of course, Pride’s a forever-thing, not just a June-thing).  As an introductory offer, the novel’s currently on sale for just 99p!

If you’d like a copy, you can find it here.  A new paperback will be available soon.

I’m incredibly grateful to We Wait’s incredible editor, Jane Spencer, for her practical help, kindness, and patience, to the talented artist, Nick Denton, for allowing me to hold onto that wonderful haunted house cover, and to all the friends who have provided such excellent advice.  Ghosts always find a way.

We Wait, by Megan Taylor - cover

In Other Writing News

Still lots to get excited about…

I’m absolutely overjoyed that my short story, The Invitation, is to be published in this autumn’s issue of Weird Horror!

Although I’ve now returned to the second draft of my current novel-in-progress, it’s been fabulous taking a brief break back in Short Story Land, and it’s also been wonderful providing workshops in real life again. I had a great evening discussing editing with Fosseway Writers, as well as a fascinating afternoon creating unsettling characters at Bromley House Library. I’m very grateful too to Mike Cambridge for his incredibly kind comments about We Wait for Bromley House Book Reviews.

And there are more workshops in the pipeline. In addition to the incredible Halloween Writing Retreat that I’ll be co-hosting with Anstey Harris, I’m excited to be playing with Haunted Locations as part of the Other Worlds Writing Weekend on July 17th, at Nottingham Writers’ Studio.

If you’re interested in writing more intensively, I also have two summer courses coming up in August, with Nottingham Trent University. Start Writing Your Novel will be running over three days beginning on the 22nd, and Short Story Success will take place on the 25th and 26th.

It would be great to see you there (please follow the links for booking info)

Eyrie Press

Eyrie Press have recently announced that they’ll be closing at the end of May. As sad as this is, I totally understand the pressures that small presses face, and I’m incredibly grateful for all their support and kindness.

And when it comes to We Wait, I’m determined to keep my ghosts alive. Hopefully, more news coming soon…

Already excited about Halloween…

I’m over the (blood-red) moon to have been asked to co-host a course this October , ‘Writing into the Dark‘, with incredible author and tutor, Anstey Harris, at her beautiful writers’ retreat in South West Scotland.

We’ll be providing a series of playful and practical creative writing workshops exploring character, setting and things that go bump in the night.

The retreat, running from the 24th to  October 29th, will be fully catered (from afternoon tea & supper on Monday till breakfast on Saturday – and lots of cake in between) with a vegetarian menu (although other dietary needs can be met).

The group will be taught from 10am till 12:30/1pm every day with the afternoons free for walks, group activities, or writing. There will be a programme of evening entertainment including a ‘night walk’ looking at the sights and sounds of the night-time outdoors, and readings. There will also be the opportunity to submit a sample of your work for one-to-one feedback.

If this sounds like your cup of tea (or personal poisoned chalice), the cost of the course is £750 and places can be secured with a £250 deposit (email email hidden; JavaScript is required for more details). There is also a shared room at £525 per person.

You might also like to bring along  a‘ haunted object’ of your choice…

(I’m already so excited I might explode)

A Cautious Hello to 2022

And an excited hi again to short stories!

I’m not going to mention anything that’s been happening, and is still happening, in the world right now, but on a personal note, after disappearing into a new novel for what feels like an absurdly long time, I’m very happy to be emerging, dazed and blinking, back into the land of short stories.

As I leave the novel to percolate (or fester) for a while before I attack a second draft, it’s been a total joy reading and writing short stories once more. I’m also looking forward to leading a course, ‘Short Story Success’, running over two consecutive Saturdays in March. If you fancy joining me, please visit NTU’s Short Courses for further details.

Book Bloggers’ Novel of the Year Award, 2021

Totally delighted that ‘We Wait’ has made it through the first round of this year’s BBNYA! Fingers crossed for the next stage, but whatever happens, I’m thrilled. Thank you to all the dedicated book bloggers, and of course to the wonderful Eyrie Press 🙂

Update!! A flash sale, celebrating many of the novels that have made it through the first round, will run from July 14th – 20th. To get your e-book copy of ‘We Wait’ for just 99p, please visit the Eyrie Press bookshop or 

With many thanks to author, EG Radcliff, for organising.