10 Housebound Creative Writing Prompts from my Twitter account (@meganjstaylor)

Using your home as a setting…

1) Write a tourist guide/brochure to your home, promoting all its finest, and weirdest, original features

2) Describe your home as if it’s haunted

3) Imagine that the fairies at the bottom of the garden are invading

4) Use your kitchen as a setting for a passionate love scene (what appliances and handy utensils might be involved?)

5) Imagine finding a stash of 500 toilet rolls in your partner’s wardrobe

6) Describe your living room as a crime scene

7) Write about your toilet as if it’s become a portal to an alien dimension

8) Concentrate on a single mirror. Who/what is looking back?

9) Describe your home, or the land it stands on, as it might have looked 150 years ago

10) Imagine stepping out through your front door six months from now. What happens next?

During Lockdown

If your writing group would like to attempt an online fiction workshop, please don’t hesitate to get in touch by emailing email hidden; JavaScript is required

I hope that you’re all doing okay out there. Keep reading and keep writing and keep as sane as you can, but most of all stay safe and well.

Waiting for ‘We Wait’

Not long now!!

My excitement about my forthcoming novel, We Wait, which was already slightly out of control, has recently reached a new fever pitch. The final proofs have been returned to Eyrie Press, Nick Denton’s beautiful cover has been revealed, and amazing authors, Anstey Harris and Kerry Hadley-Pryce, have kindly provided incredible endorsements.

We Wait is due for release on November 18th and is available, right now, for pre-order from Eyrie Press. We’ll be celebrating the launch at Nottingham’s fabulous Five Leaves on November 21st. Please contact Five Leaves if you’d like to come along 🙂

About ‘We Wait’…

The wealthy Crawleys can’t abide a scandal, so when fifteen-year-old Maddie’s behaviour causes concern, she’s packed off to the family’s country estate, along with her best friend, Ellie. But while Maddie is resentful, Ellie is secretly thrilled.  A whole summer at Greywater House, which she’s heard so much about – and with Maddie, who she adores…

But from the moment the girls arrive, it’s clear there’s more to the house and the family than Ellie could ever have imagined.  Maddie’s aunt, Natalie, and her bedridden grandmother are far from welcoming – and something has been waiting at Greywaters, something that flits among the shadows and whispers in the night.

As the July heat rises and the girls’ relationship intensifies, the house’s ghosts can’t be contained, and it isn’t just Ellie who has reason to be afraid.  Three generations of the Crawley family must face their secrets when past and present violently collide.

‘Hill House for the 21st century: haunting, dark, and very, very real. Chilling and very sinister, but still rippled with the confusion of being a teenager, of first love, and of making impulsive mistakes. A masterpiece.’Anstey Harris

‘As poetic as it is unsettling, We Wait is an absolute triumph. The beautifully vivid prose is reminiscent of Du Maurier – both haunting and chilling at the same time. An eerie, clever, spine-tingling novel. This is Megan Taylor at her most thrillingly dark.’Kerry Hadley-Pryce

We Wait, by Megan Taylor - cover