We Wait

We Wait, by Megan Taylor - coverFifteen-year-old Ellie is thrilled to be spending the summer with her best friend, Maddie, at Greywater House, the country estate owned by Maddie’s wealthy family. But from the moment they arrive, it’s clear there’s more to both the house and the family than Ellie could ever have imagined.  Maddie’s aunt and her bedridden grandmother are far from welcoming, and something has been waiting at Greywaters, something that flits among the shadows and whispers in the night…

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The Woman Under The Ground

The Woman Under The GroundPowerful and beautifully observed, ‘The Woman Under the Ground’ is novelist Megan Taylor’s first collection of short stories. The writing is brooding and mysterious with finely drawn characters, so often the victims of absence and loss: a child taken to a neglected museum by her forsaken father; a woman revisiting the scene of an ended affair; a couple taking a road trip to try to reconcile the death of their daughter…
From dark adult secrets to night visitors to the dangerous passions of small girls, these stories explore fractured relationships and moments of self revelation with an uncanny honesty and insight.
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The Lives of Ghosts

The Lives of GhostsA woman returns to the scene of a childhood trauma to confront the ghosts that have haunted her for twenty-five years. In a story told in alternate chapters by the adult and the twelve year old Liberty Fuller, we follow her on her journey back to the eerie Scottish loch house where the culmination of a series of terrible events took place.
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The Dawning

The DawningIt is New Year’s Eve, a time for fresh beginnings – but for each member of the fragmenting Haywood family, this night could mark the end.  With mother Stella battling depression and father Philip determined to escape, eleven year old Zachary and his teenage sister Nicola have nowhere to turn when confronted by their own worst fears. Set on the cold edges of a Derbyshire Peak District town, ‘The Dawning’ explores the danger that can arise even at the heart of a family, over the course of one dark night.
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How We Were Lost

When two young girls go missing from her coastal town, fourteen year old Janie decides it’s up to her to find them, unaware that her search may lead her to uncover secrets far too close to home.
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