The Lives of Ghosts

The Lives of GhostsAfter her parents are killed in a car accident, twelve-year old Liberty Fuller is left in the care of her young pregnant stepmother, Marie.

Bewildered and grief stricken, they travel to a remote Scottish holiday home searching for a place to heal, but once isolated from the outside world, they find themselves surrendering to the dark tensions underlying their relationship.

Twenty-five years later, Liberty’s own pregnancy forces her on a journey into the past as she attempts to confront the secrets of the loch house, and the ghosts still waiting there.

Stunning, absolutely stunning, this chilling tale is woven with sparingly eloquent prose. It is fearless, it is believable, it is captivating. I am left with an ache. I understand human suffering just that little bit more.
Caroline Smailes (author of In Search of Adam, Black Boxes, Like Bees to Honey and 99 Reasons Why)